What is a good research question?

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Research is a systematic inquiry to understand the contemporary world.  Research is based on a question to answer a relevant issue in the real world or in the theoretical frameworks used to understand the real world.  A good research question has three attributes:

  • It has to address something of significance that relates to the interest of scholars.  It has to matter, somebody has to care about it.
  • It has to be researchable, something to be answered by doing a systematic process (research).  This leaves out metaphysical or extremely broad questions.
  • Has to address a question that has not been definitively answered, there is something more to add to existing answers or that the answer can be applied to a different context

Research is exploring something that has not been explored enough and communicating the results through a well written article (journal, transaction, conference, letter, …)

A good research question addresses pressing and current issues.



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