Restoring a Toshiba portable to factory settings

Recently I had to restore a Toshiba mini portable computer (NB505-SP0144KL) to factory settings. However, I was faced with the fact that there was no media to do the restore. Although I initially used a non OEM license for an initial restore of the OS, I had issues with the drivers.   Luckily I hadn’t erased the restore partition. If this is your case and you wish to have a fresh start on a Toshiba computer, all you have to do is:

  1. Make sure you have your computer off
  2. Press the zero “0” key while switching the computer on
  3. Wait until the TOSHIBA brand screens shows up, with the option to enter to setup or choose a boot source
  4. Release the zero key to proceed to the factory restore
  5. Choose the reinstall system, without keeping user files. Do NOT choose the erase partitions option

The restore partition has all the OS and driver files. As I mentioned before, if this partition has not been erased or altered, you will be able to completely restore your computer. The only drawback to this is that it will also restore all the bloatware that Toshiba includes. Let the process continue to the end, and later manually delete all bloatware you don’t want.