UMich Python course rocks – Coursera

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If you are new to programming or want to improve your empirically acquired skills, I would highly recommend the Python Specialization offered by the University of Michigan on  This has been by far the best MOOC experience I have ever had, offered by an instructor who is well versed in the subject as well as an outstanding educator: Prof. Charles “Chuck” Severance. Continúa leyendo UMich Python course rocks – Coursera

Restoring a Toshiba portable to factory settings

Recently I had to restore a Toshiba mini portable computer (NB505-SP0144KL) to factory settings. However, I was faced with the fact that there was no media to do the restore. Although I initially used a non OEM license for an initial restore of the OS, I had issues with the drivers.   Luckily I hadn’t erased the restore partition. Continúa leyendo Restoring a Toshiba portable to factory settings

Cuidado de la barba: limpieza

Recientemente, la barba se ha convertido en una expresión más de la masculinidad.  No significa por esto que tenerla o no sea un indicador del nivel de masculinidad, pero, al igual que los cortes de cabello, el uso de la barba se ha vuelto un elemento más para la expresión del individualismo de cada hombre.  El cuidado de esta no está únicamente en el estilo.  Es de vital importancia la limpieza adecuada.   Una barba descuidada definitivamente no llamará la atención; pero una barba sucia llamará atención indeseada. Continúa leyendo Cuidado de la barba: limpieza

What is a good research question?

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Research is a systematic inquiry to understand the contemporary world.  Research is based on a question to answer a relevant issue in the real world or in the theoretical frameworks used to understand the real world.  A good research question has three attributes: Continúa leyendo What is a good research question?