Doodle – London Olympics 2012 final

And so, the long waited for London Olympics of 2012 come to an end.  This time, thanks to the availability of internet services and social media, we where able to experience the Olympic Games in a whole new dimension.  We broadcasted, we twitted, blogged, pressed, liked, tumblr’d, flickrd, stumbbled upon and so forth.  We became active participants as well as spectators, we provided our opinion and tagged along our teams and their athletes.  London 2012 would be remembered as the dawn of a new way to experience the Olympics.  Thanks again Google for keeping us expecting a new sample of human creativity and thanks to the thousands of athletes, committee members, and supporters that made these games possible.  See you in Brazil 2016.


Doodle – London Olympics 2012: Hurdles

Today Google celebrates the Olympics with an animated doodle.  For some time Google has used either CSS3 or HTML5 to create this type of doodle.  However, I am not really sure which one or if any of these two environments are used to create these animations.

Doodle – London Olympics 2012 & Kennedy Space Center Anniversary: Javelin

Today Google celebrates the Olympics with a doodle about Javelin throw.  However, it also celebrates the 50th Anniversary of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  It is appropriate for both events, if we take into account that one of the first sounding rockets developed by NASA in the late 1950’s was also nicknamed “Javelin“.

Doodle – Olimpiadas Londres 2012: Nado Sincronizado

Nado sincronizado es uno de los deportes olímpicos donde Guatemala nunca ha participado.  Otro aspecto único del nado sincronizado olímpico es que aun no está reglamentado para equipos masculinos, probablemente porque el Comité Olímpico considera que aun no hay sufientes países con equipos masculinos para reglamentar su incorporación a las olimpiadas.

Sin embargo, hoy además de un doodle sobre un deporte olímpico donde Guatemala no tiene representación, hoy quisiera celebrar un hito en el deporte de mi país:  por primera vez en la historia obtenemos una medalla olímpica gracias al esfuerzo el marchista Erick Barrondo.

Doodle – London Olympics 2012: Pole Vault

All of the sports in both the Summer and Winter Olympics are a tribute to the body’s complexity and beauty, as well as to the determination and perseverance of so many athletes around the world.  Today’s Google’s doodle depicts Pole Vault, a seemingly impossible feat of human effort and dexterity.  In those fractions of a second when the athlete’s momentum is transferred to the pole and, aided both by a mastery in the technique as well as the physical properties of the pole, all the laws of gravity seem to be broken.  The natural rhythm of a heart’s beat seems to be brought to a halt when the athlete locks the pole to the stop and is only re-established the moment the horizontal bar is cleared.