What is a good research question?

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Research is a systematic inquiry to understand the contemporary world.  Research is based on a question to answer a relevant issue in the real world or in the theoretical frameworks used to understand the real world.  A good research question has three attributes: Continúa leyendo What is a good research question?


Core Skill 1: Prioritizing your values 1.4

One of the difficult things to find about values is that many times we do not know how to name them or how to describe them.  A number of frameworks of values have been developed recently to help identify without ambiguity values. Continúa leyendo Core Skill 1: Prioritizing your values 1.4

Core skill 1: Uncovering your implicit values 1.3


A difficulty in making decisions is that we tend to focus on things that are important at that moment.  But making long term decisions requires looking at all the things that are important at any time. Continúa leyendo Core skill 1: Uncovering your implicit values 1.3

Core Skill 1: Self Evaluation – Understanding your values 1.2

The ability to reflect on myself, my progress, and my objectives is a core skill in all learning.  This needs to be constantly developed to be successful in any career.  What are my career needs and how to identify them?  What are my values, what is more important to me? Continúa leyendo Core Skill 1: Self Evaluation – Understanding your values 1.2

Career Enhancement and Employability essentials

These are my notes on the Coursera.org course from the University of London:  Enhance your Career and Employability Skills (May June 2014):

There are three elements to employability:

  • Specific subject knowledge and skills to do any particular job
  • General skills, qualities, and awareness to function in the workplace
  • Skills needed to manage my career development and personal goals

Specific Subject Knowledge and Skills

What I need to do a particular job, like computer programming, marketing, financial analysis, etc.  They are developed through formal education through established institutions (degrees or independent courses) or online training.  Always ask myself:

  • How valuable are those skills to me?
  • What do they worth now and in the future?
  • What is the Return on Investment (time/ money) made in getting those skills?
  • How long will those skills be valid for?

General Workplace Skills and Awareness

What is needed to function in any workplace: communication skills, team work, time management, problem solving, organization and planning.  They are called transferable skills and are usually developed on the job.  It is very important to know how to identify them and transfer them when moving from one job to another.

Also important are Organization Awareness and Sector Awareness, which are related to the particular business/industry of the workplace I am currently in.

Career Management Skills

Skills necessary to succeed at a particular job and throughout my whole career.  They help in moving between jobs.  Through them I can decide which specific subject skills I need to gain to achieve goals and which general workplace skills and attitudes I need to develop.  They can be grouped by:

  • Self-evaluation:  Help identify what is important to me and what I want from my career now and in the future.  Help me assess my value to potential employers.
  • Option exploration: Identify and investigate potential future options, job roles or development/educational opportunities.
  • Option evaluation:  Help prioritize future options, weight potential costs and benefits  of future actions to be able to make a choice.
  • Option implementation:  Act on the choices made and increase the chances of future success.

Take control and be proactive, take initiative.  Have clarity: what is important and what are my career goals.  Be confident in the career decisions I make and how I present myself.  Courage to try new things, new experiences, risk to take more chances.