Winsor McCay’s 107 birthday


I will begin with the image of today’s Doodle, because this was what prompted me to write about Winsor McCay. Up until today I didn’t know a thing about who he was.  However,  searching for some brief information about his life and works, I discovered that his work has been influential in today’s graphical and comic artists, all the way from Walt Disney to Moebious.  His graphical style resembles that of illustrations from the early 20th Century and late 19th Victorian era.  It turns out that Winsor McCay was an innovation in his field, providing his viewers with a rich and fantasy like type of illustration and was also a pioneer in the field of animation.  Born in 1869 in Spring Lake, Michigan, was a very prolific illustrator and artist.  His most popular comic strip was named “Little Nemo”, although his most celebrated work was the ground breaking animation short “Gertie the Dinosaur”.  Gertie shows the animation traits that where to be seen in all of the animation work for the following 4 decades.

Illustrations from Gertie the Dinosaur

Animation clip of Gertie the Dinosaur

Two images from “Little Nemo”

Little Sammy

Here is Googles Doodle in full